Creative Wording

So you want to get creative with your wedding invitation wording?  Good for you!  Getting creative is fun (and easy) as long as you can get your creative juices flowing.  We hope the following invitation wording examples will do just that.

Just a quick word of caution on getting crazy with the wording – don’t get so excited that you forget the important stuff!!  The 5 W’s (who, what, why, when, and where) *always* apply to invitation wording no matter what.  Even with ridiculously adorable wording that brings a tear to the eye, no one is coming to your wedding unless they know where it is and at what time.

That said, have fun and enjoy our wording examples!

Serious & Romantic Wedding Invitation Wording

Two best friends have decided
to spend the rest of their lives together
Please join us in celebrating the marriage of
Jane Marie Martin
Jack Christopher Smith…

When Jack got down on one knee
Jane told him to get back up again
so they could stand together in marriage
Jack Smith and Jane Martin
invite you to witness them
as they stand united on their wedding day
November fifteenth…

A day as important as marriage
would not be complete
without our dearest family and friends
Jane and Jack are getting married
and you are invited to attend
on November fourth…

Cute Wedding Invitation Wording

He asked…
And she said Yes!
Jane Marie
and Jack Smith
are getting married
November first…

When they first laid eyes on each other
they knew it was love at first sight
Jane Marie Martin
Jack Christopher Smith
are getting married
and invite you to see what they saw
on November fourteenth, two thousand and ten…

Good for themed stationery

a little bird told us that
Jane Marie Martin
Jack Christopher Smith
are getting married
on November fourteenth
(use with a dove or love birds themed invitation)

Dreams do come true…
Jane Marie Martin
has been swept off her feet by
Jack Christopher Smith
and they are getting married
on May thirty-first, two thousand and ten
(use with a whimsical invitation like a butterfly or dragonfly invite)

Fun, Casual, “Let’s have a good time!” Wedding Invitation Wording

It’s no surprise that we’re in love
and we’re throwing a huge  party to celebrate!
Jane and Jack
are getting married

on July twenty-third…

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