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Custom Lined Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Pretty invitations deserve an equally pretty presentation: customized envelopes. Think about the amount of time and energy you spend on wedding invitations. You have to pick a design (which can include RSVP cards, event location maps, recommended lodging, and so on), select the language, get them printed and usually hand address each one. After all that effort they need gorgeous wrapping.

a great example of quality wedding invitation envelopes

a great example of quality wedding invitation envelopes

First pick thick, high quality envelopes in a color that complements your invitations. Stray away from traditional white envelopes if you can so that your wedding invitation stands out in your guests’ stack of mail. Then order custom envelope liners to add that extra special touch. They’re a relatively simple do-it-yourself addition that makes a huge impact on your presentation. Your wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding guests, so you better take the extra step to do it right.

Wedding Monograms

Wedding monograms add a custom detail to all of your wedding elements; from the invitations to the reception décor, your custom wedding monogram can be used to bring all elements of your wedding together. Modern brides are no longer limited to the traditional wedding monogram of simply intertwining the newlyweds’ initials together.


Choose a custom font like this wedding invitation element. It’s simple and chic yet adds personalization to your wedding stationary.

you can easily transform any picture into a silhouette

you can easily transform any picture into a silhouette

Don’t just stop at combining the couples’ initials – why not combine a picture of their faces? Wedding silhouettes are timeless and add a touch of vintage style. Choosing to use a silhouette monogram in your wedding still leaves open a number of possibilities. You can choose traditional facing silhouettes, an image of the couple sitting a table, kissing under a tree or any pose from the engagement photo shoot.


If you want to take an even more modern approach I love this idea from Martha Stewart Weddings. Make your wedding monogram with your two finger prints making the shape of a heart. It’s simple and refined yet modern and unexpected. Try this innovative idea or make one of your own!

Purple Vintage Monogram Invitations

Today is the first day of October which means the fall season is in full swing. Though capes, leopard print and military silhouettes are “in” this season, nothing says fall to me more than jewel tones. Dark purple is deep and luxurious yet playful – the perfect combination for a fall wedding. These vintage monogram wedding invitations by Modern Girl Invitations let purple take the spot light.
img_7834The monogram and antique scroll design keep these wedding invitations traditional while the bright punch of color adds a modern twist. Keep things modern by simply sending out a wedding invitation or go more traditional and send out the complete wedding invitation suite. It’s your big day so do what feels most comfortable for you.
img_7826Maybe grape wedding invitations aren’t quite your style. These monogram invitations come in an array of colors – just pick the one that best suites you! These can also be completely customized, just contact us!


Navy & Gold Damask Wedding Invitations

This navy and gold damask wedding invitation suite by Modern Girl Invitations is perfect for the upcoming fall wedding season. They’re timeless yet modern, refined yet bold. The classic pattern next to the playful piping detail makes these invitations appropriate for both traditional and modern weddings. img_7709

These navy and gold damask wedding invitations trigger all of my fall memories. The blue and gold color combination reminds me of Friday nights at football games and bonfire rallies. Navy and gold is a great combination to transition from the bright days of summer into the more subdued tones of fall.


The colors seen here are a custom color mix – the possibilities are endless! Give your wedding invitations a unique look by selecting your wedding color combination from our color chart. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Need some advice on your color mix? Just contact us!