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1920s Gangster WeddingThe Modern Bride Guide is always looking for modern and fresh weddings to feature. We’re looking for weddings of all budgets and styles that incorporate modern ideas or decor, so if you feel that your wedding fits that description, feel free to drop us a line!

To submit your wedding, email with the following information.

* 5-7 Photographs that capture your wedding day.  Photos can include pics of the bride and groom, details such as the cake and favors, and snapshots of any special or unique moments.  Pictures should not be larger than 500 pixels in any direction, or 500kb in size.

* Please include the answers to the following interview questions in your email.  All questions are optional and  you should only gives answers that you would feel comfortable seeing online.  A few sentences for each question is plenty of info!

-Bride & Groom First names, ages, occupations
-Wedding Location
-Wedding Theme/Colors
-Budget (very optional)
-What made your wedding modern? Fuschia, Orange, and Lime Wedding
-Where did you splurge?
-Where did you save?
-What was your favorite part of the wedding?
-Looking back, would you change anything?
-Any advice for future brides?

Once we get your photos and interview material we will create a post about your wedding similar to the other posts in the category “modern weddings”.  You wedding may not appear right away, but be patient, we want to show off your wedding as much as you do! We look forward to hearing from you!

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