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Discover Lonny Magazine

Happy Columbus Day! In honor of discovery, if you don’t already read Lonny Magazine you should. Yesterday they released their one year anniversary issue and it’s amazing. Flipping through the pages of this virtual magazine can provide a much needed escape with page after page of desirable details and décor. If this is your first Lonny magazine sighting be sure to flip through the archive too.

Happy long weekend and good luck hunting through the sales at the mall today! And if you’re stuck in the office give yourself a 15 minute mental break and discover all the hidden treasures in Lonny magazine.

Crazy Soap in the Shape of a Hot Wing that really has nothing to do with weddings…

Ok, this really has nothing to do with weddings, BUT since I am such a lover of hot wings I just HAD to post this!!!!

Hot Wings SOAP

Can you believe this is soap, lol?!!?  This blows my mind!  I found this hot wing olive oil soap on Etsy this morning while trying to avoid working on Modern Girl.  I am probably going to buy it – it’s only a mere $5.  But what if I accidentally ate it?  It looks so good I could see myself actually doing something so idiotic.

Ok, but seriously… maybe you *could* use this in a wedding somehow?  If you are having a backyard bbq rehearsal dinner (like I did, hehe) then you could hand these out as favors!!! That would be pretty cool, I must admit.  Just be wary of hungry young children like myself trying to eat them :p

Actually, this next picture really *does* have to do with weddings!  As I continued perusing this soap shop, I came across these:

Soap as a lemon cupcake!Cupcake Soap wedding favor

Remember my cupcake post from a few days ago?  Well, if you’re thinking about doing funky cupcakes instead of a cake, wouldn’t it be freaking awesome if you gave these little cupcake soaps out as favors?!?  Just wrap them up in some cellophane and throw a ribbon around them and you’ve got a totally sweet (no pun intended, especially since they’re soap) wedding favor!  You would seriously have to warn people that the favors were NOT edible or else you might have a lawsuit on your hands after the wedding.  That yellow one looks so moist and delicious, doesn’t it?