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Reception Table Flowers on a Budget

Wedding flowers can easily eat up a large part of your budget. But modern brides are working on smaller budgets and flowers are an easy element to cut back on. One way to save big on wedding day flowers is to go fake. There are a number of paper or silk flower options that will look gorgeous at your wedding and will last long past your big day. But if you’d like to stick to the tradition of using real, seasonal flowers at your wedding there are other ways you can cut back.

this color combination is gorgeous

this color combination is gorgeous

Focus the majority of your flower budget on the bridal party bouquets. They are a centerpiece of your ceremony and wedding photos so they are worth the extra splurge. Cut back on your reception table flowers. There are so many options for taking some of the budget off your arrangements without taking away any of the focus. Use non-traditional elements in your bouquets. Rather than all lilies or roses, incorporate some unique flowers from the shop. And don’t worry about every bouquet matching; allow each table to have its own look. If you’d like to stick with traditional wedding flowers put add a modern twist by using interesting vases or just placing a small cluster of flowers in a few spots, which will be much less expensive than one large centerpiece.

got bright and bold or subtle and traditional with small bouquets

got bright and bold or subtle and traditional with small bouquets

A Southern Summer Wedding

I have a craving to travel southbound this week and what better way to get it out of my system than by picking the perfect southern, summer wedding details? And a Georgia Peach wedding theme is too adorable to resist. Now you don’t have to create an entirely peach colored wedding, but incorporating the locally grown fruits in few elements could really enhance your destination theme. For example, use the fruits as decoration at your wedding reception.


Simple placing them in water-filled glass jars is such a modern centerpiece, and they look great on those cocktail tables.


Or choose a more classic, southern layout and combine your peaches – either in a bowl or loosely – with flowers and table numbers.