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A Royal Wedding in the Works

Lately you just cannot escape the news – William and Kate are finally getting married! And who doesn’t look forward to the hoopla surrounding a royal wedding. Everything got started on the right note – William gave her Princess Diana’s ring *sigh* soo perfect. There’s already speculation over the venue, date and dress designer. What would you pick out for a royal wedding?

what a stunning engagement ring

what a stunning engagement ring

You may not have to get approval on your wedding date from the royal family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal a little inspiration from past British wedding bashes. Take a note from Diana and Charles’ wedding and travel from your ceremony to reception in a carriage. It may seem a little old-fashioned and over-the-top but when else in your life will you get the chance to have a truly romantic carriage ride? Or be a princess for your day and wear a jewel-studded tiara like all the royal brides. If a royal-esque wedding doesn’t suit your style don’t incorporate these details, but do look through this royal wedding slideshow.

Stick to Your Wedding Budget

In today’s wedding world, budget is crucial. While do it yourself details, affordable wedding invitations and smaller wedding sizes can drastically reduce your wedding costs nothing cuts a budget like free. And since the bridal business is continually thriving, there is no shortage of amazing wedding giveaways. Take a minute to enter one – you never know where you can save. Everyone says they never win anything – that is until they do. And you can’t win if you don’t try.

What would be the number one best wedding winnings? An amazing, eco-friendly designer dress for FREE. Trim anywhere from $1,000-10,000 off your bridal budget by winning this Elizabeth St. John giveaway. The winner is announced in one week!

i could take that view in for a week

i could take that view in for a week

Next best big ticket win? A honeymoon, of course! And what better way to spend your honeymoon than a week in the Italian countryside. Also a years supple of Buitoni products would be a nice way to settle into married life.
Neither of these giveaways exactly what you’re looking for? Attend a wedding expo – they are full of discounts and giveaways!

Modern Weddings – Kim & JD’s Culture Inspired Plantation Wedding

Lisa & JD, just married!

The Bride: Kim, 29, Online Advertising

The Groom: JD, 32, Marketing

The Location: Lowndes Grove Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

Wedding Colors: Summer Pastels – pale blue, muted pink, white and gray

Budget: $30k

What made this wedding modern: JD and Lisa come from two very different backgrounds, so they created their own modern style by “marrying” their two cultures – Korean & southern.  Lisa and JD  incorporated traditional hand-made fans from South Korea as favors, which were perfect for the southern heat; served southern style and Korean style barbecue during the reception; and had a traditional Korean bowing ceremony during their welcome/rehearsal dinner.

During the bowing ceremony

Kim and JD during the Korean bowing ceremony

As Lisa puts it, “JD is a southern boy from Charlotte, NC who grew up with an American childhood and I am a Korean-American gal who was born and raised in NY, but with a traditional Korean upbringing raised by parents who came to the states in search of the American dream! So we were glad to share elements of our roots with our guests on our day.”

Lisa and her mother

Where they splurged: Lisa and JD’s big splurge was the venue. “It was beyond our budget even with the reduced costs that came with our off-season wedding date and smaller guest count, but I loved how the plantation evoked that old-school charm and grandeur of what the south had been. It was very “Gone With the Wind,” and every time we saw it I had the movie’s song singing in my head!”

The Lowndes Plantation.. I'm with Lisa, I hear the Gone With the Wind song!

The Lowndes Plantation.. I'm with Lisa, I can hear the Gone With the Wind theme song loud and clear!

The Bridesmaids in blue!

Where they saved: The photography (believe it or not)! “I searched Craigslist.com to find photographers – and found an amazing one in Joelle Maki, who offered a very low-cost “a la carte” option where we were able to select certain items versus a bigger package that included things I didn’t find necessary. Our videography was done by a friend, who is a documentary film maker, and he captured our day in that very cool cinematic fashion! “

Inside the Plantation


Favorite Part of the Wedding: “My favorite part was the venue! I really, really, really loved being inside the plantation – a house, really – there were so many beautiful rooms and each had a different theme and color palette, with very traditional details from the crown moldings to the regal, sweeping drapes that you don’t really see in homes today. I couldn’t get enough of it! We spent our wedding night inside the plantation, too – which functions as an inn, as well.”


The Bouquet!

Looking back, what you would change:

“I tried saving on everything – including very very small things such as sparklers for our getaway. Well, I didn’t know how much of a difference the size of the sparklers would
make so I ended up buying 100 of the small, 7” kind (thinking I was scoring a deal) – which burned out in 10 seconds! So I would probably spring for the longer ones 🙂 “

The Getaway!

Despite any regret on the sparklers, this bride and groom getaway still sparkled! I also *love* the dress change!

Her Advice:

“Everyone will have an opinion, go with your gut and at the end of the day remember that no matter what happens, no matter what does or doesn’t happen right, nothing will ever replace the feeling you will have on that day and you will never forget it!”

Korean fan favors

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