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The Wonderful World of Weddings

Hello everyone.  This the first post of the Modern Bride Guide.  I should probably introduce myself.  My name is Autumn, and I’ve been sucked into the wonderful world of weddings.

Me, on my wedding day!

Me, on my wedding day!

It didn’t start in my childhood.  I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamt about their fantasy wedding since the age of six.  I got sucked in at a later date and for different reasons.

It started with a photography obsession which began at age twelve.  I love photography (portrait photography specifically) and photographed my first wedding when I was 19.  I am also crazed over printing presses, design programs, and fonts.  Photographing brides, stationery, details, decor, and design?  Now, that puts me over the top.

It was when I got engaged that I realized a wedding is where all my favorite things got tied together.  Yes, I wanted to marry my husband who I love dearly, but damn did I love planning my wedding!  I decided to drop my conventional day job (enginerding) and step into the wonderful world of weddings.  I now own Modern Girl Invitations, an online boutique that sells modern wedding invitations and stationery.

With the Modern Bride Guide I plan on adding one more fun element to my mix of wedding activities, as well as providing some good resources for all you modern brides out there along the way.  I hope you’ll come back and visit me again and listen to my musings.