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Wedding Photo Props

Your wedding day lasts just that long – one day. It’s the pictures that last a lifetime. I know I’ve already emphasized the importance of a quality wedding photographer. But if you pour over pictures on stylemepretty.com you know good wedding photo props are key. These things usually don’t happen by accident – I mean you may pose in front of a street sign as a last minute decision but those oversize ampersands don’t just appear on the scene. You need to come prepared.
Shopping for wedding photo props is fun! Look through your wedding day inspiration folder – I’m sure you have a physical binder or dedicated folder for these photo downloads you’d like to duplicate. Choose the props that come up most often in your photo folder or the ones that stand out most to you. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ampersands. Your wedding day is about unity – two people becoming one married couple. Ampersands represent the essence of that bond and a wedding in general.
Mustaches. These simple little details add so much fun to your photos.

Chalkboard. You can write anything from you wedding date, a simple heart drawing or thank you for your cards.

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