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Engraving Your Wedding Bands

So you’ve bought your wedding bands. You may think the decision making is over but not quite yet – what are you going to engrave on your ring? There are a number of things to consider when making this decision.

you also have to pick a font..

you also have to pick a font..

First, who is going to pick the message? Do you have the groom choose the message for the bride and vice versa? Or do you pick matching messages for the ring set? I like the idea of the couple engraving each other’s rings and keeping it a secret until the wedding day. It gives you just a tiny element of surprise and something to look forward to amongst all the chaos surrounding planning a wedding.

Then you must decided what message to engrave. I think the type of engraving you choose should be very personal and will definitely be a reflection on your style as a couple. It could be something sweet and simple: “Today, Tomorrow, Forever,” You have my heart” or “Our life begins – [date]”. Or it could be an inside joke or something funny: “Mine, all mine!” or “Put me back on!”. Or the messages could be read as a set: (ring one) “Take my hand and we’ll begin” (ring two) “And what we start will never end”. Do whatever feels most comfortable to you – plus no one else will ever see it!

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