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Purple Vintage Monogram Invitations

Today is the first day of October which means the fall season is in full swing. Though capes, leopard print and military silhouettes are “in” this season, nothing says fall to me more than jewel tones. Dark purple is deep and luxurious yet playful – the perfect combination for a fall wedding. These vintage monogram wedding invitations by Modern Girl Invitations let purple take the spot light.
img_7834The monogram and antique scroll design keep these wedding invitations traditional while the bright punch of color adds a modern twist. Keep things modern by simply sending out a wedding invitation or go more traditional and send out the complete wedding invitation suite. It’s your big day so do what feels most comfortable for you.
img_7826Maybe grape wedding invitations aren’t quite your style. These monogram invitations come in an array of colors – just pick the one that best suites you! These can also be completely customized, just contact us!


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5 comments to Purple Vintage Monogram Invitations

  • Javon Elice

    Re: About Purple Vintage Monogram Invitations

    These invitations look perfect for an Arabian Nights
    Party I’m having. IS it possible to substitute an arabic lamp for the scroll detailing? And, what is your pricing for these?

    Thank you!

    Javon Elice

  • Kaitlyn

    These are almost exactly what I want.. do you have a deeper purple and could I get the white lettering in silver? I dont know if im not seeing it but im not sure where to order. :/

  • Kaitlyn

    okay. Im very confused with this site.. I love these invitations but when I click on them it takes me to Shine Invitations and I can not find these invitations there.. HELP!

  • Tina

    Having problem ordering these the website makes no sence, see what I want but takes me to different website.

  • Amanda B

    Hi there,
    I am really interested in these Purple Vintage Monogram Invitations and I was wondering how I can go about ordering them or how the process works exactly. Also wondering price what what I would be looking at per invite. Thank you.