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Pretty and Pink Bridal Shower

I stumbled across this bridal shower a few weeks ago and I cannot let it go. Every details is downright adorable. The women who threw this bridal shower personalized every element from picking the furniture, to labeling the drinks to decorating the the numerous types of bars. It is so absolutely girly, fresh and fun without being overwhelming – I can’t imagine how a party like this could go wrong for any of your guests.


Let’s start with the numerous bars – you know I love a good themed bar at a wedding so why not incorporate them into your bridal shower too? A pinkberry bar is delicious and healthy (you are catering to all women, so having at least one healthy offering is essential) and it’s called pinkberry – how much cuter and feminine can you get? Then there is the customized scent bar. What an original idea – it adds an activity to the shower as well as a takeaway for all the guests.  And to top of all these already fabulous bars they also had a cupcake bar, my favorite. To keep with the girly theme they selected flavors such as mimosa, red velvet and petite bellini. I’ll take one of each (plus a pinkberry cup or two). Add a champagne bar and this event is my ideal bridal shower. Done and done.

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