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Wedding Guest Cocktail Hour

Wedding photos are absolutely essential, but they can be kind of tricky to plan. In theory, you and your husband-to-be are not supposed to see each other before the ceremony on your big day. If you stick with that plan then when do you take wedding photos? After the reception seems too late, plus you and your wedding party will likely be slightly drunk and sweaty and who wants that moment captured. That leaves between the ceremony and the reception – but what do you do with all your guests?

A cocktail hour hosted in your reception location is the perfect ..read more

Pretty and Pink Bridal Shower

I stumbled across this bridal shower a few weeks ago and I cannot let it go. Every details is downright adorable. The women who threw this bridal shower personalized every element from picking the furniture, to labeling the drinks to decorating the the numerous types of bars. It is so absolutely girly, fresh and fun without being overwhelming – I can’t imagine how a party like this could go wrong for any of your guests.


Let’s start with the numerous bars – ..read more

Vineyard Wedding

Whether you’re lusting after an outdoor wedding intertwined with the grape vines or an indoor reception hosted in a wine cellar, there is something beyond romantic about a vineyard themed wedding. It’s naturally antique, timeless and universally enjoyable (if you’re guests don’t drink, the atmosphere will still be gorgeous).

How can you pull this off? There are a few simple details you can add to your wedding planning that will make this vineyard wedding ceremony or reception perfect. Print your invitations in white and purple or deep burgundy to play up the wines’ natural colors. Create custom wedding wine labels and send ..read more

Fall Tree Hangings

While autumn typically reminds you of things falling from trees, I say why not hang some back up there? I’m drawn to anything hanging from trees from weddings – whether it is pictures of the couple, tags, notes of well wishes or little cakes. I just can’t resist. Pretty details dangling from the branches while the fall foliage colors lightly cover the ground – how much more picturesque can it get? well-wishes-tree During the fall it is particularly easy to pull of this type of ..read more