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Untraditional Wedding Bands

Do people still wear his-and-her wedding band sets? I can’t imagine me ever picking out a ring style that a man would also like to wear and since I’d have to wear it (hopefully) everyday for the rest of my life I don’t really see myself compromising. I understand how having traditional, complimentary his-and-her bands could work for some people but it’s just not in the cards for me.

As if I weren’t already being difficult enough, I also like untraditional wedding bands. Modern brides have so many options so avoid the traditional wedding route and pick out a wedding band ..read more

Black Bridesmaid Dress Options

One of my best friends is getting married this July (eek!) and she’s throwing a black and white affair. We all know most brides really do think the dresses they pick out you can just shorten and wear again. And we all know how unrealistic that expectation usually is. But this time, I really do think we’ll be able to wear them again – no shortening or altering, just wear it again. She wants her bridesmaids to all wear strapless black dresses with sweetheart necklines. Who doesn’t need another little black dress in their closet?

Now this may sounds simple – ..read more

Wedding Reception Table Glasses

For wedding receptions, couples usually buy or rent matching glassware. While that looks great in pictures, how are guests supposed to know which glass is theirs? Wedding guests rarely stay seated at their reception tables, making it easy to mix up glasses while greeting friends or abandoning your glass to hit the dance floor. I am the largest offender – I can never remember where I leave my glass, even in my own apartment. Here are a few adorable ideas I found for solving that problem that also add great details to your wedding reception décor.

I love adding a chalkboard ..read more

DIY Wedding Flowers

Flower arrangements for a wedding can pricey pretty quickly. While I am a huge fan of real flower arrangements for weddings, paper flowers are a cheaper, equally as pretty alternative for brides on a budget. Paper flowers add a shabby chic touch to reception tables or guests’ drink glasses. Be your own florists – but don’t just arrange your flowers, make them!

It may be slightly time consuming and usually a little more difficult than Martha leads on, but these DIY paper flowers are a gorgeous detail. Since you make the flowers yourself, you can easily customize these flowers to your ..read more