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Georgia Peach Wedding Favors

Thank your guests for travelling to Georgia by giving them a gift that highlights these juicy regional gems – peaches. Check out these adorably wrapped little peach pie favors.

i love that packaging

i love that packaging

If the thought of incorporating must-need-to-be-prepare-last-minute baked goods in your wedding makes you nervous, give customized jars of peach preserves – they have a much longer shelf life and can be prepared way in advance.

homemade preserves mmm mmm

homemade preserves mmm mmm

If you can’t actually whip up these treats yourselves, support a local shop in Georgia. A mom-and-pop shop is bound to use the freshest peaches and have better flavors.

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2 comments to Georgia Peach Wedding Favors

  • If you’re anywhere in the middle GA/Atlanta area, I recommend Dickey Farms in Musella, GA (www.gapeaches.com). They have a variety of gifts and the family is wonderful. We’ll be giving away fresh peaches as well as their cobbler mix at our wedding, but you could also try their preserves, peach butter, salsa, hot sauce, you name it. They also have a lot of products with Georgia’s other staple, pecans!

    Email peaches@dickeyfarms.com.

    (No, I’ve never worked for Dickey Farms, but I am a loyal customer even since moving to South Carolina!)

  • i think soo too – great post