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Wedding Dresses. Movie Inspired.

Wedding movies are one of the best places to find wedding dress inspirations (or your actual wedding dress, if you can afford it). Plus I’m a sucker for chick flicks and I’m totally not embarrassed about it. They’re cheesy, you can usually guess the plot before it happens (or the trailer basically tells you everything these days), and they’re stories are never really in line with reality. But I love them and fully defend it.

In 27 Dresses, Jane’s sister’s wedding dress is ideal for anyone looking for a poofy dress. It’s big on the bottom yet remains understated by keeping ..read more

Modern Weddings – Jen & Brett’s Engagement

The Bride-to-Be: Jen

The Groom-to-Be: Brett

The Photo Shoot Location: Denver, CO

The Wedding Location: Mill City Museum, Minnesota How They Met: Brett and I met through work — I worked an agency that ran a press conference for his company.  It was illuminating for us both to see each other in a professional capacity.  He’s so smart!  After the work was done, Brett and I kept in touch and he flew me to Denver — I lived in Chicago at the time — so I could see his life and meet his world.  I met his friends, family, and pretty much the entire ..read more

Designer Wedding Dresses for Less.

I love that it’s in style to make affordable clothing lines. The designer lines at target kicked this trend off (and maybe the economy helped push it along) with designers like Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier. I find myself stalking those look books online months before the clothes are in store, as if that’ll mean I can buy it any earlier. And Payless has shoes by Christian Siriano and Lela Rose. Lauren Conrad (maybe not a huge designer yet, but I was excited) and Vera Wang for Kohl’s. And now Vera Wang is continuing the trend with wedding dresses ..read more

Wedding Dresses. Can I Have More Than One Please?

I’m really in the mood to shop for wedding dresses this week, you’ll notice that trend in my upcoming posts. It may be because I watched Sex and the City and now feel the need for a designer wardrobe. It may be because I like shopping for things I have no use for and this seems like something I can talk myself down from actually purchasing. It may just be because wedding dresses are pretty and white and it’s summer. It’s most likely because I am indecisive and the thought of planning my wedding already seems like a daunting task ..read more