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Dandelion Wedding Invitations – Something Different

Ok, dandelion themed wedding invitations are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!  I am certainly not surprised as dandelions are very whimsical and perfect for a spring or summer themed wedding.  I personally love most of the dandelion wedding invitations I’ve seen around the web, but most have a similar feel – line art with a few of the seeds flying off in the proverbial wind.

At Modern Girl, we also have a dandelion themed design, but it’s very different.  A little funkier, more playful and very cheery.  Less whimsical, more fun.  If you’re having a dandelion themed wedding, but wanted to do something a little ..read more

Bold Colors for Spring – Fuschia and Tangerine!

Nothing says spring like bright bold colors!  These fuschia and tangerine wedding invitations are sure to wow your guests and get them in the mood for some springtime fun 🙂

Fuschia and tangerine are both amazingly bright, but they look great together.  Adding a touch of lime green will really make the theme come together.  You can uses limes to accent your decor (as shown in the picture) or as a centerpiece.  Hints of greenery in your flowers will stand out as well.  For an outdoor wedding, the natural greens of the landscape will compliment this color scheme perfectly.

This design, the ..read more

Black and White Wedding Invitations – A Timeless Classic

Formal, classic, timeless.  You cannot go wrong with a black and white wedding, as black has forever been a favorite in clothing and design.

Black has a lot of advantages for weddings too – it creates beautiful photographs, is instantly slimming, and goes perfectly with just about any accent color.

The best thing about going with black is that you can find some unbelievably elegant and stunning wedding invitations.

Wood carved swirls give this wedding invitation a touch of vintage, while still remaining classic and elegant.  Charcoal colored text makes the black script font really stand out for the couple’s names.  The Filigree ..read more

Tropical Flowers Wedding Invitations – Perfect for your destination wedding

Your wedding invitations definitely set the tone of your event, so if you’re doing a beach, summer, or destination wedding, it’s important to choose an invitation that conveys the feel and formality of your wedding.  Beach & destination weddings are likely to be more casual events, so setting the tone with a bright, colorful and playful invitation like our tropical flowers design can be important so that guests know what to expect.

A stylized three toned tropical flower adorns this invitation suite giving it a pretty and playful feel.  The flower is slightly reminiscent of a Hawaiian plumeria flower or a hibiscus. ..read more