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Scrapbook Inspired Wedding Details

Check out these amazing do-it-yourself scrapbook-inspired wedding ideas from an old friend of mine that just got married.

My friend Noaillese is a die hard scrapbooker who can turn puffy letters and ho-hum pictures into a work of art with her cricut.  When it came to her wedding, she delivered on the details 🙂

The most inspiring detail in her wedding was her updated “guest book”.  Noaillese created a set up of “wish cards” where guests could write a personal note for the bride and groom.  Where would all of the notes eventually go?  Her wedding scrapbook, of course 😉

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Fun Wedding Color Combo: Teal, Chocolate Brown, and Orange

Well it didn’t take long for another Modern Girl customer to inspire me!  A lovely bride-to-be emailed a request to see the modern paisley wedding invitation in teal, cholocate brown, and orange last night.  First of all, i love this design, and second of all, this color combination is totally funky, yet classic at the same time.  Love it and can’t wait to see it in print.

Modern Paisley Wedding Invitation in Teal, Brown, and Orange

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Fun Color Combo: Modern Daisy Invitation in Pale Yellow and Grey

Modern Girl customers always come up with the best ideas 🙂

Modern Daisy Wedding Invitation in Pale Yellow and Grey

Yellow and grey have been pretty hot as a color combination for a while now, but I never thought to put it to use on our Modern Daisy design.  I’m loving it!  (So much so that I had to post it!) :p

Right now it’s not possible to show all of the potential color ..read more

To Hand Address or Not to Hand Address?

Hello modern brides.  Today I would like to discuss addressing your wedding invitations.  There is much debate on whether wedding invitations should be addressed by hand, and whether or not it’s “tacky” to run the envelopes through your home printer.

I mainly wanted to write this post for all brides who are considering using printed addresses for their wedding invitations but are worried that they might come off as “tacky” or “not personal”.  I would like to go on record saying that there is nothing to worry about!   This is a totally acceptable thing to do!  Addressing your wedding invitations ..read more