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Brand New Invitation Suite Coming to Modern Girl, Woohoo!

I’ve been having a blast playing around with new designs this week and here’s one that I came up with today that I’ve fallen in love with!

Sketched Butterflies and Flowers Wedding Invitations

When I found this hand sketched grahic of flowers and a tiny baby butterfly I couldn’t resist making an invite!  The illustration and fonts I chose made it *sort* of elegant, but not really.  As soon as you look closely you can see the  I’m-bored-in-class-and-I’m-doodling ..read more

Self Promotion Time: Playful Chic Wedding Invitations!

It’s time for a little shameless self promotion!  I added this playful chic wedding invitation suite to the Modern Girl site a few weeks ago. We recently received the first sample order so we got to print a batch up with all the matching enclosures.  These little lovelies are printed in “Grape”, one of our dark bold purples.

The Chic Invitation Suite in Grape

My favorite part of this invitation suite is the way that each ..read more

Incredible Edible Wedding Cupcakes!

I am beside myself over these freaking amazing wedding cupcakes!!!  Can you believe these are edible???? Maybe I’m overly excited because I feel like I could eat a cow right now and the pictures are NOT helping.

In all seriousness though, I am blown away by the sheer detail and work that goes into these cupcakes.  One, two, maybe three cupcakes… ok, I can see making them.   But imagine doing this kind of work for an ENTIRE WEDDING!  I’ve got to give these cupcake makers props!

While it would be gorgeous to make a cupcake tower out of ..read more

Wedding Reception Ideas: Glow Necklaces & other fun Glow in the Dark Stuff

Dancing with Glowsticks

Modern brides – here’s a new wedding reception trend that is worth copying (and inexpensive too)!  If you’re going for a fun, energetic, rockin’ reception, check out the following pictures from two wedding that used glow necklaces, glow bracelets, and yes, glow in the dark Kanye West style “shutter shades” to amp up the reception!

The good news about this wedding reception idea is that it’s fun, it’s cheap, and it makes for awesome wedding pictures.

Glow ..read more